KimForest Helps Taiwan

KimForest Helps Taiwan

Over the past few months, KimForest has been hard at work providing medical assistance to Taiwanese hospitals after Taiwan’s 1st major outbreak in May 2021. As the number of cases and deaths grew rapidly, KimForest announced on May 17th of 2021 that they will be donating 50,000 units of its SARS-CoV-2 detection reagents to major health clinics and hospitals to match the island’s increased demands for testing.

KimForest offered assistance by providing hospitals with the KimForest qPCR Nasopharyngeal Nucleic Acid Testing Reagents and the testing equipment, both of which are United States EUA, Taiwan FDA, Philippines FDA, and CE certified. Furthermore, to add more achievements to this already astounding list, these products produced by KimForest are the first Taiwanese COVID-19 detection devices to be granted the United States FDA certification and have been exported to all areas around the globe such as the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. These are state-of-the-art medical supplies that are able to test up to an incredible amount of 10,000 cases per day and are compatible with most testing devices in hospitals. KimForest is producing reagents by the hundred thousand each day in order to help with the sudden increase in cases. KimForest also aims to help the Taiwanese citizens directly as well, making protective clothing, goggles, and other protective equipment to help with the shortage on the island. KimForest has already assisted more than 10 hospitals in providing PCR testing equipment and plans to double and even triple that statistic.

Even though the original goal for KimForest was to provide the globe with precision medicine products (genetic testing, personalized treatments, cancer screenings, etc.), assisting the Taiwan government with combating the COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted them at all. In fact, it has done the opposite. KimForest has announced that their revenue for May 2021 was 54 million NTD. This was a record high in a single month for their company and more than double from the previous month. This was an astounding 76% increase from the May of last year.

Since COVID-19 has slipped past Taiwan’s defenses once, citizens must still stay wary and do their part to prevent the pandemic from worsening.KimForest will do its very best to provide the citizens with efficient testing and will become the main frontline against the pandemic.

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